I believe food, as a single subject, has more impact on human health, environmental health, economic health, and societal health than any other single issue. Food is our common ground. It gathers us together, no matter what our background or ethnicity might be. If we fix food and help people truly understand the overall positive global impact a healthy food system can have, I believe the world will become fairer, more sustainable, more economically viable, and more delicious.


This is not just about healthy individuals, it’s about healthy communities and healthy economies.  I think it is important for everyone to understand that the purchasing choice they make, no matter what the product, results in their money supporting an industry. The more we shift our collective buying power towards locally and regionally grown food, the more our local economies benefit, our neighborhood farmers prosper, and our citizens have the opportunity to become happier and healthier.


This is the foundation and basis to why I started Wholesome Wave…to learn more about us and our programs, visit www.wholesomewave.org.