Doctors as Farmers

Wholesome Wave's newest program, Fruit & Veggie Rx makes the connection between community doctors, food access, and farmers. In this column, Michel addresses some common misperceptions about at-risk communities and their desire for

A Day With Chefs, Children, and Michelle Obama

In June 2010, the First Lady Michelle Obama and White House chef Sam Kass invited 15 chefs and more than 30 grade-school students tothe White House organic garden. Michel wrote about some of his favorite memories and observations from that day for

The Unsung Heroes Who Will Feed Our Children

Will less well-known cooks actually be the ones who change the food world as we know it? Michel thinks so as he pays tribute to those who deal with the everyday reality of our current food system in his column. Excerpt from The

From Silver Bullets to Golden Food Systems

In his column, Michel discusses the effects of having community-owned employers in the food ecosystem and compare the diversity and the different jobs available in grocery stores versus urban farms. Excerpt from From Silver Bullets to

Real Food for All

In this column for the, Michel talks about the role of farmers markets and how his mother's garden influenced his career as a chef and sustainability advocate. Excerpt from Real Food for All: The Role of Farmers Markets: "...You