Nantucket Scallop Porridge with Apples and Chestnuts

      Here I pair sweet scallops with ancient grains and barley. These grains have very low environmental impact and are notably healthful, and when you cook with them, you support multi culture farming. The

Lobster and Sweet Corn Succotash

      Lobster and corn have had a mutual appreciation society since Atlantic coastal Native Americans used lobster shells to fertilize their maize. I call this succotash, but it's far more elegant than you

“Beacon” Butter-Roasted Oysters

  When Paul and I first talked about opening Dressing Room, he asked about the ethics of including a recipe from another restaurant on our menu. I told him it depended on the chef and the restaurant, and when he said he was thinking about the

Fish and Seafood

      Cooks love fish and seafood--there is hardly a living chef who does not dream up dish after dish that relies on fish. I am no different. The light, fresh flavor of many fish and the succulent richness of shellfish