The Joy of Giving

Michel Nischan is honored for his work at Dressing Room and with Wholesome Wave.

Dishing Up for the Dalai Lama

Having served a host of influential people including the Dalai Lama, Michel is one of the most well-known names today in the genre of organic food.

Government Subsidizing Fat, Farm Bill Opponent Says

The farm bill forum, sponsored by Wholesome Wave and the Dressing Room, brought together experts and opinion leaders.

Panel to Focus on Local Effect of Federal Agriculture Policy

Michel Nischan always knew that once he had his own restaurant, he would buy his ingredients directly from farmers. But when he opened Miche Mache restaurant in South Norwalk in 1990, Nischan was surprised to learn that buying directly from producers

US ‘Food Fight’ Comes to Westport

Activists hoping to change U.S. farm and food policy met at the Westport Country Playhouse to discuss pending federal legislation that impacts $25 billion in annual farm subsidies.

Now We’re Cooking: Famous Chefs Raise Money For Those in Need

These famous farm chefs take time off from their busy schedules to help raise money for those in need.

How Does Your Garden Grow

Diners pose questions such as "How does your garden grow?" to their favorite cooks and foodies and everyone in between.

Paul Newman’s Next Act, Co-Starring Chef Michel Nischan

Having mastered salad dressings and lemonades that raise millions of dollars for charity, the legendary actor lends his celebrity to another cause: a restaurant that supports his local playhouse and also promotes sustainable eating.

Hot Ticket: Doing Well, Doing Good

Wheeling through Westport, Connecticut, the flaming orange sugar maples set against a blue sky looked more like a movie than real life.

The Nourishers: The Green Issue

Can we really turn this thing around? Yes, the experts say, and yes people really are starting to get it. Who is among them? Michel Nischan.