The Healthy Living Coalition Launches to Unite Business Leadership and Accelerate Solutions That Address Global Nutrition and Food Insecurity

Today, on World Food Day, WW International, Inc. (NASDAQ: WW), a global wellness company powered by the world's leading commercial weight management program, with WW Good, its charitable foundation, and alongside its leading partners, announced

Industrial Farming Outweighs Willpower in Obesity Crisis, Experts Say

SNAP and WIC discounts at farmers markets were the project of the Connecticut nonprofit Wholesome Wave, which formed in Bridgeport in 2007. It pushes for better federal benefits for low-income people. Its co-founder, Michel Nischan of Fairfield, is a

Where there is Food Insecurity, there is Nutrition Insecurity

NBC CT: Interview with Michel Nischan on Nutrition Insecurity  Ted Koppy and the NBC CT team interviews Michel about Wholesome Wave's story to share our mission to end Nutrition Insecurity! Learn more about what Wholesome Wave is up to with

New App, Tangelo, Makes It Possible for Low-Income Families to Order Fruit and Vegetables for Free

Tangelo, in partnership with Wholesale Wave, has developed an app that makes it possible for low-income families to order fruit and vegetables for free. Read full article here.  

Celebrity Chef Michel Nischan Wants to Tap Medicaid to Pay for Produce

Nischan’s flagship Wholesome Wave program makes produce more affordable by doubling SNAP benefits when they are spent on fruits and vegetables. A companion program empowers doctors to “prescribe” healthy food through vouchers patients can spend at

New York Times: A Food Conference Heads to Pittsburgh

The International Association of Culinary Professionals will hold its annual gathering in Pennsylvania. This year, the annual food conference held by International Association of Culinary Professionals (I.A.C.P.) will be held March 27 to 29 in

Food & Wine: My Epic Fail

None of us love talking about how we failed. We may obsess about these flubs, missteps, errors in judgment, and mortifying mistakes on constant loop in our heads, but generally, most of us aren't going out of our way to shine a spotlight on our