50 SHADES of Steak

  We had a lot of fun with this one.... ;)   I pray to be an empathetic omnivore. I endeavor to eat as many plant-based foods as possible, and make certain that I grow my own vegetables in an effort to deepen the engagement. When I

French Toast with Brown Sugar Bananas

  If you are one of those people who just loves French toast, try this gussied-up version. I recommend you use the Old-Fashioned Honey-Wheat Bread recipe, a good egg bread, or any substantial loaf. French toast is a good way to use day-old or

Autumn Squash and Heirloom Bean Soup

Hard squash and beans are two components of what Native Americans and other proponents of Native American farming call Three Sisters' agriculture. The third component is corn. When grown together, the three crops help each other flourish and

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Garnish

    Ironically enough, my mom's maiden name was Campbell, and this soup was the staple soup we ate as kids. We joked about the coincidence every time she ladled it into bowls. Except, of course, this is freshly made, not from a