In this podcast, journalist Jane Black and Michel discuss Wholesome Wave’s signature double-voucher program and their newest pilot, Fruit and Veggie Rx, which allows doctors to prescribe fresh fruits and vegetables to families.

Excerpt from

Smart Food Interview with Michel Nischan:

“…I have been a chef now for 30 years, believe it or not. Most of my time has been spent in fairly upscale restaurants. Being the son of farmers, I always bought from farmers to the extent that I could. (Thankfully it’s a lot easier these days.) I also realized that the only way I can afford to support local farmers and provide that type of really great, healthful local food that has a sense of place was to have an upscale restaurant that could charge $30-40 for an entrée.

It’s always a penchant of mine to wonder about everybody else. Why can’t we afford to have a food system where everybody can afford to participate and buy great local ingredients? We had one not that long ago. So, I thought it would be really great to figure out innovative ways we could have programs and do things that would allow people who have less financial resources than most to be able to actually go to a farmers market and buy really great locally grown fruits and vegetables. I figured if we could get that done, it would really be able to solve a lot of social challenges that we face today…”

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