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Smart Food Hosted By Jane Black

In this episode of Smart Food, Michel and Jane Black talk about Wholesome Wave's signature double-voucher program, which allows recipients of food stamps and other food assistance to double their money when they buy food at farmers markets, plus a

The Unsung Heroes Who Will Feed Our Children

Will less well-known cooks actually be the ones who change the food world as we know it? Michel thinks so as he pays tribute to those who deal with the everyday reality of our current food system in his column. Excerpt from The

From Silver Bullets to Golden Food Systems

In his column, Michel discusses the effects of having community-owned employers in the food ecosystem and compare the diversity and the different jobs available in grocery stores versus urban farms. Excerpt from From Silver Bullets to

Fresh Picks

The James Beard-winning chef, and leader in eating and cooking locally, tells The Daily Beast what he loves.


Passed down from his mother, the recipe for homegrown fried chicken lives on in Nischan’s new cookbook, Sustainably Delicious, a collection of tempting dishes and easy tips on greening your cuisine.

Hungry Beast: Fresh Picks

A slideshow of dishes and destinations that Michel admires, including shout-outs to chefs Christopher Idone and Michael Schwartz and the city of Atlanta. Excerpt from Hungry Beast: Fresh Picks from Michel Nischan: "...Of all the larger cities in

Organic Farming Comes to Town

Fairfield may soon have its own organic teaching farm that will not only sell fresh organic produce, but also teach residents to grow organic sustainable food in their own back yards as part of its mission.

Real Food for All

In this column for the, Michel talks about the role of farmers markets and how his mother's garden influenced his career as a chef and sustainability advocate. Excerpt from Real Food for All: The Role of Farmers Markets: "...You

Affordable Farmers Market Nourishes Overtown Residents

A new farmers market aims to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to Overtown residents.

Overtown Farmers Market Accepting Food Stamps

Michel Nischan makes an appearance on CBS Miami.