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Michel Nischan Talks Dressing Room, PURE

Michel Nischan joins The Restaurant Guys to talk about his new restaurant project with Paul Newman, The Dressing Room, A Homegrown Restaurant, as well as his restaurant PURE in India.

Throw the Perfect Picnic

Michel Nischan shares four easy ways to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

He’s Got Salad Covered, Can He Serve You Dinner?

Paul Newman and Michel Nischan go into business together.

FOOD ARTS Silver Spoon Award

Food Arts presents the April 2006 Silver Spoon Award for sterling performance to chef Michel Nischan and Greg Drescher, the senior director of strategic of strategic initiatives at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), for sounding a clarion call

Pure and Simple Cuisine

Michel Nishan's family garden inspires his cooking, and his readers.

Homegrown: Pure and Simple

After spending enough time in the rarefied world of hoity-toity cuisine, where it seems that flash and the relentless pressure to innovate reign supreme, it's surprising that more chefs don't choose to decompress the way Michael Nischan did.

Cooking: Holiday Books

More than an irresistible new technique, a fantastically exotic ingredient or even the promise of a better marriage, what inspires us to go into the kitchen is the voice of a writer, seducing and prodding and bucking us up.

Book Review: Homegrown by Michel Nischan

Delicious, appetizing recipes fill this book, all of which were made from the freshest organic ingredients, giving a pure simple taste. An excellent second book by Michel Nischan, winner of a James Beard cookbook award in 2004 for his book, Taste

The Incredibles: Healthy Superfoods Star in Inventive and Unforgettable Dishes

Some of the world's healthiest foods are also the most delicious. Michel Nischan is famous for making this happen.