The Garden as Community Gathering Place

WholesomeGarden whole•someadjˈhōl-səm 1: promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit 2: promoting health of body 3: sound in body &mind 4: having the simple health We have a large vegetable garden in our backyard that Lori and I

Developing Sensible Habits in the Kitchen

If you like to cook, spending time in the kitchen is a joy. In cold weather, the room is warm and cozy, with something good in the oven or simmering on the back burner releasing a heady, comforting aroma. In the summer, colorful vegetables and fruit

The Benefits of Cooking Ahead

Home cooks have lost the habit of cooking ahead, of setting aside a block of time – perhaps 2 or 3 hours on a weekend afternoon – to cook for the coming week. Not only can this be enjoyable and relaxing, it also sets you up for nutritious and

The Victory Garden: “Edible”

All about edible gardens and eating what you grow. To learn more about the PBS "Victory Garden" series, visit

Pure & Simple: “Ocean to the Table”

All about sustainable seafood and the value of eating local fish.

Doctors as Farmers

Wholesome Wave's newest program, Fruit & Veggie Rx makes the connection between community doctors, food access, and farmers. In this column, Michel addresses some common misperceptions about at-risk communities and their desire for