In June 2010, the First Lady Michelle Obama and White House chef Sam Kass invited 15 chefs and more than 30 grade-school students tothe White House organic garden. Michel wrote about some of his favorite memories and observations from that day for the

Excerpt from

A Day With Chefs, Children, and Michelle Obama:

“…Rachael Ray had a head start, as she and her kids had already picked a good handful of Sun Gold tomatoes. She was worried she might be disqualified, but was warmly reminded this was not a contest. BTW, watching Rachael pick with two children was like watching three kids. Her glee and their glee were indistinguishable. The laughs, the giggles, the “ooooh! There’s another one!”, were really awesome to behold. I quickly determined that Rachael Ray is a fully grown 12-year-old bundle of genuine joy.

There were chefs and kids, laughs and giggles in just about every corner of the garden. The First Lady was very quick to find the veggies she and her team were working on—no doubt because she’s an insider. All teams diligently lined up to wash their stuff and you could hear kids asking other kids about their pickin’s: “What’s that,” asks one. “Rhubarb,” says another with matter-of-fact confidence. “Are we really gonna eat this?” was a common question. Keep in mind that some of the veggies included rhubarb stalks, whole fennel, kale, and other veggies that are often completely foreign to kids…”

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